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Coffee Brewing Methods, Alternative Techniques a Comparison and all Equipment for the Preparation.



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Barista                      Italian word for a skilled espresso operator
Single estate coffee      coffee grown at a single farm
Single origin   coffee grown at a particular region or country
Fair Trade   A concept to pay coffee farmers a fair price. Unfortunately, in order to be a certified Fair Trade coffee producer, a coffee farmer must be a part of a Cooperative. this does provide for better payment to the farmers. For farmers to become licensed is also expensive and takes up to 7 years, It leaves the independent farmers out of the deal
Supremo   highest quality of Columbian coffee
Cupping   a sensory evaluation, water is poured over the ground coffee and tasted for flavour, body, acidity and aroma both hot and cold
Degassing   the time required for coffee to degas, it contains a small amount of carbon dioxde
First crack   the bean expands to double its size during roasting in which you hear the first crack
Second crack   the bean structure begins to facture at this point roasting should stop, further roasting will destroy the beans complexity
Espresso   forcing water through ground coffee under high pressure
French press   the plunger is pushed through the water in the glass trapping the coffee at the base of the glass by the miro-holes at the bottom of the plunger
Aeropress   Coffee is forced through filter, by pressing the plunger through the tube, operates to the same principles as a syringe

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The Coffee Philosophy   The history and origins of coffee, coffee blends and regions, traditional and gourmet coffee menu, machine and grinder terminology, dosing, tampering, the shot, milk texturing   
Caffé Professionista    This course includes the coffee philosophy, at a much more advanced level, aimed at highly motivated individuals who want to become ace baristas or refine their skills, design menus, signature coffee. Tailored to your skill level  

Learn Barista and Latte Art Skills

Our Barista traing course in Sydney gives you the skills to prepare and serve espresso in cafes, espresso bars and hospitality outlets using commercial espresso machines. Simply contact us using the barista course training online form and we will contact you. During this 2.5 hour course, held in on site, you will learn the art of being a Barista in a small group environment, our focus is to get a more personal training experience and maximium practicle time, we cover:

  • Grinder Settings
  • Espresso Extraction
  • Milk Texturing
  • Espresso Menu
  • Basic Latte Art

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