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Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Wholesale Coffee Supply

We are a specialty coffee roaster, supplying cafes across Australia.  We are passionate about coffee we roast in Melbourne and in Sydney as well as supply ACT and Queensland delivering fresh coffee daily. We roast specialty blends and single origins, we help you get the best out of our beans so your customer is completely satisfied, we stock various commercial coffee machines and award winning grinders.

Coffee Roasting

Our knowledge in coffee roasting times and temperatures, density and moisture through our years of experience, we cup our coffee regularly to ensure coffee blends are consistent this helps us continually source the best green coffee beans. We also contract roasting for clients looking for a point of difference in coffee bean blending.

Contract Coffee Roasting

We contract coffee roast for many coffee distributors, cafes, espresso bars and restaurants, we would be pleased to work with you to design your own unique cutomised blend from most green coffee growing countries including single estate coffee, we will cup and research with you blends your customers will be statisified with giving your business a greater piont of difference.

Quality coffee

We source specialty grade coffees, we work with farmers and importers at harvest time to select and secure the green coffee beans we work together to ensure only the best.


We assign a relationship manager as your one point of contact, our managers are highly experienced most have owned or managed successful cafes of their own.  They can offer you suggestions for your outlet, our marketing team can also offer you suggestions on optimising your social media marketing plans, we run coffee appreciation nights throughout the year for our customers.

Barista School

To make excellent coffee, you need experienced barista trainers our qualified trainers are certified to train you in barista and customer service. We provide training to our customers at all times of the year, to help drive a coffee quality culture.  Contact us to find out more.


All our products are carefully packed to ensure freshness and quality. Our coffee bags are poly laminated with a one way value to ensure carbon dioxide can escape, the bags are heat sealed with the roasting date stamped on the bag.

King Carlos Coffee

If your looking for edge over your competitors? Opening a new shop? Want specialized advice? Want a strategy to grow your cafe, deli, bakery or restaurant? Contact us now or Call 02 9580 1300

If your not getting the service that was promised by your current supplier? Tired of the same coffee supplier? Not seeing adequate coffee growth? Contact us now Call 02 9580 1300

Join the many operators that have made the switch and have never looked back.

We will work together with you to strategically focus and ensure that innovation and business growth is the priority.

  • High quality products
  • Professional cafe consultation
  • Specialized marketing services to our cafe partners
  • Customer service training
  • Latte art, barista training
  • Business coaching

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Coffee Beans

Fresh roasted boutique coffee beans, we wholesale coffee beans to your cafe, home or office, best place to buy online.


Barista Tools

Barista tools online for your cafe or home coffee, we stock a large range of cafe barista tools, buy online now.

Coffee Machines

New commercial coffee machines, as well as second hand coffee machines and grinders for sale, buy online now.